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Subject:Iran VS Israel
Time:03:39 pm
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Subject:Iranian couple biking around the world for peace
Time:10:58 am
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Subject:New BBC Farsi TV Channel
Time:06:53 am

BBC to launch TV channel for Iran
A Farsi language TV channel is to be launched by the BBC, targeting viewers in Iran with news and factual output.

The £15m-a-year service is due to begin in early 2008, a few months after the start of a similar network in Arabic.

Funding, from the Foreign Office, will be on top of the grant-in-aid sum paid each year to the BBC World Service.

The free-to-air channel will complement the BBC's existing Farsi radio and online output, Nigel Chapman, director of BBC World Service said.

There will be eight hours of broadcasts each day - from 1700 to 0100 Iranian time (1330 to 2130 GMT) - to begin with.

Although detailed planning has yet to begin, it is anticipated that the Farsi TV newsroom would be in London, Mr Chapman added.

TV 'dominating'

"We will be the first international broadcaster to deliver a Farsi tri-media news service under a single brand - the BBC."

He said television was "increasingly dominating the way that millions of Iranian people receive their news" and promised the Farsi channel would be "editorially independent of the UK government".

It will reflect the BBC's core values - fairness and impartiality
Richard Sambrook,
BBC director of Global News
The BBC claimed about 2m Iranians listened to its existing customised radio service for Iran.

And while its Persian website attracted 19m page impressions per month, access to the site had been "partially blocked on the orders of the Iranian authorities since January", the corporation added.

The BBC World Service currently receives £245m per year as its grant-in-aid contribution from the Foreign Office.
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Subject:Abbas Kiarostami honoured
Time:06:26 pm

Iranian film-maker Abbas Kiarostami has been honoured at Switzerland's Locarno film festival as "the greatest director in contemporary Iranian film-making".

Organisers gave Kiarostami its Leopard of Honour, referring to him as "one of the great names in film".

He won the festival's prestigious Bronze Leopard in 1989 for Where is the Friend's Home? His 1997 film Taste of Cherry won the Palme D'Or at Cannes.

The 10-day Locarno film festival ends on 13 August.

Clashed with censors

Unlike many Iranian filmmakers who fled following the 1979 Islamic revolution, Kiarostami has stayed in Iran, often saying he felt he made his best work in his native country.

However the subject of his films - such as the lack of rights of women explored in his movie Ten - has led to clashes with Iranian censors, and the director's work has not been shown officially in his native country for 10 years.

Despite increasing international acclaim, Mr Kiarostami also found himself an unwitting victim of tightened US immigration laws following the 11 September attacks.

He was denied a visa to attend a screening of Ten at the New York Film Festival in 2002.
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Subject:mixed-culture question.
Time:09:46 am
Any Persian ladies here married to non-Persian guys who don't "get" some things?
Like my husband honestly doesn't understand why it is so important for me to look very smart for my visa interview. LOL. I've been planning my outfit for weeks and it's almost ready now. He simply doesn't get it. Nor does he understand how i NEED makeup to go out the house. Especially not dark lipstick. *sigh*
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Subject:Happy Norouz!
Time:07:03 pm
I know I'm early but I'm going to visit my parents for a week starting on Saturday and will have no internet access there.

So, just to wish everyone a Happy Norouz and best wishes for 1385!

Image hosting by Photobucket

New Year 1385 Time
New Year begins on Monday Esfand 30, 1384 (March 20, 2006)
at 09:55.35 PM Tehran Time.
Tehran, Iran 09:55.35 PM on Monday March 20, 2006
Paris 07:25:35 PM on Monday March 20, 2006
London 06:25:35 PM on Monday March 20, 2006
Australia/New Zealand 05:25:35 AM on Tuesday March 21, 2006
Tokyo 03:25:35 AM on Tuesday March 21, 2006
Eastern North America 01:25:35 PM on Monday March 20, 2006
Central North America 12:25:35 PM on Monday March 20, 2006
Mountain North America 11:25:35 AM on Monday March 20, 2006
Pacific North America 10:25:35 AM on Monday March 20, 2006
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Time:11:07 pm
My name is Kate, I live in Russia, learn Persian and Armenian and write an academic work about the history of persian-armenian relationship in the times of Safavids. Im very glad to find your community and hope you will excuse my not-perfect English %)
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Subject:The English Harem
Time:06:01 pm
This one off drama is showing on ITV (UK channel) tonight. I can't remember the last time I saw a portrayal of an Iranian in a drama and this is the best they can do. A story about multiple marriage. Fantastic. I don't think I can bring myself to watch it.

"The English Harem
Cross-cultural love story, starring Martine McCutcheon as former supermarket checkout girl Tracy, who falls for Iranian restaurant owner Sam and joins his `harem' of common-law wives. Unfortunately, her parents are deeply unhappy about the arrangement - and society at large proves even more disapproving. Art Malik shares top billing."

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Time:10:08 am

On a lighter note, here's something interesting I found. I had never heard of this tradition of fasting before Christmas. Seeing as we moved to the UK when I was a year old, and my mother is English, I really have no experience of an Iranian style Xmas ... maybe some of you can share your stories?
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Subject:Oh dear
Time:09:54 am
It makes me sad - and mad - that this kind of thing reflects on all of us.

Iranian leader denies Holocaust
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad's remarks echo other recent statements
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has courted further controversy by explicitly calling the Nazi Holocaust of European Jewry a "myth".

"They have created a myth today that they call the massacre of Jews and they consider it a principle above God, religions and the prophets," he said.

On live TV, he called for Europe or North America - even Alaska - to host a Jewish state, not the Middle East.

Israel swiftly denounced the president's comments.

"We hope these extremist comments... will make the international community open its eyes and abandon any illusions about this regime," Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev told AFP news agency.

Mr Ahmadinejad's latest declaration echoes comments he made last week in which he said territory should be "provided" in Germany or Austria to establish Israel "if European countries claim that they have killed Jews in World War II".

The president sparked international outrage in October when he said Israel should be "wiped off the map".

'Europe's fault'

Speaking to thousands of people in south-eastern city of Zahedan, Mr Ahmadinejad brushed aside criticism of his views, saying it was orchestrated by supporters of Israel.

"If someone were to deny the existence of God... or prophets and religion, they would not bother him. However, if someone were to deny the myth of the Jews' massacre, all the Zionist mouthpieces and the governments subservient to the Zionists tear their larynxes and scream against the person as much as they can," he said.

He returned to his earlier theme that Europe should shoulder the responsibility for a Jewish state.

"If you [Europeans] committed this big crime, then why should the oppressed Palestinian nation pay the price?

"This is our proposal: give a part of your own land in Europe, the US, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country," he said.

Since his election in June 2005, Mr Ahmadinejad has taken a more hardline towards Israel in public than his predecessors and recently stepped up his anti-Israel rhetoric.

His call in October for Israel to be annihilated was rebuked by the UN Security Council.

Israel's spokesman said the Iranian president's latest remarks reflected a "perverse vision of the world held by this regime".

BBC Tehran correspondent Frances Harrison says the Iranian press has wholeheartedly endorsed the president's views, calling them logical and less passive than the approach of previous Iranian governments.

The European Union renewed its condemnation of Mr Ahmadinejad's position, saying it had no place in civilised political debate.

"The comments are wholly unacceptable and we condemn them unreservedly," said UK Minister for Europe Douglas Alexander, whose country currently holds the EU presidency.
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